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Oski's unique formal verification service provides peak sign-off reliability early in the development cycle by digging deeper into the design to locate bugs in the most complex corner cases.

Oski's approach thoroughly verifies that it is bug-free The formal verification approach is more productive than previous simulations.

Since 2005, Oski has focused on developing a comprehensive formal verification methodology for risky block recognition and sign-off, system-level architecture sign-off, and rapid resolution of post-silicon bugs. ..

Oski has trained and founded the world's largest formal verification expert, and Oski's chief, Vigyan Singhal, has a PhD in formal verification methodology at the University of California, Berkeley. Vigyan is the founder of Jasper Design Automation, which developed Cadence's first-generation formal verification tools and was later acquired by Cadence.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, the Design Center is located in Gurgram, India.

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