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migration methodology

OSIRIS Software

 IN2FAB's production-proven OSIRIS technology provides a rapid path to move existing analog and mixed-signal circuits between foundries, processes and geometry size.  Based on platform tools from Cadence design systems, OSIRIS is fully integrated with common design environments and process design kits (PDKs) from all of the world's leading foundries and library vendors.   Using intuitive analysis tools, OSIRIS migrates schematic, layout and other design based information to meet the target foundry's specification without the need for special rules files, design constraints or extended EDA support.

OSIRIS migration

SerDes layout migrated from 65nm to 40nm
Project completed with OSIRIS

Key functions

  • Full hierarchy and topology preservation

  • Rapid set-up of rules and devices

  • Simple mapping of layers from source to target process

  • Interactive mapping of parameterized cells and vias

  • Layout preserved in the Cadence Virtuoso layout environment

  • Schematic data translated in the Cadence Composer environment

  • Fully compatible with internal and foundry design kits

OSIRIS Schematic Migration

IN2FAB's schematic migration system is a comprehensive tool dedicated to moving complete design hierarchies between processes and foundries.  Based on the Composer™ schematic editing tools from Cadence Design Systems, OSIRIS provides a smooth path from source to target PDK, including full physical position and rewing along with parameter mapping and translation



  • Full hierarchy and view support
    Intuitive GUI driven flow
    Automatic adjustment for component differences
    Advanced parameter mapping
    Automatic rewiring for pin changes
    Add or remove wires for pin differences
    Short detection and rewiring
    Dedicated tool for comparison checks
    Optional flow extensions using OSIRIS API software

schematic migration

OSIRIS Layout Migration

layout migration

The OSIRIS layout migration tools are designed to move layout data to new processes in the fastest way possible, removing the need for complex rule set up and extended CAD support.

Using the structure of the existing design in combination with the information contained in the target PDK, OSIRIS replaces old Pcell and via instances with those from the new foundry. Further processing steps then adjust the layout to match the new components while preserving the original topology and hierarchy.


  • GDSII or Cadence database input
    Preservation of topology and routing
    Full hierarchy and view support
    Intuitive GUI driven flow
    Advanced parameter mapping
    Interactive design processing
    Connection adjustments for Pcell differences
    Interactive shape based adjustment
    Preservation of advanced design information

OSIRIS Test Bench Migration

IN2FAB's test bench migration software translates schematic data and  model files between processes and technologies. The software interrogates the original design and presents of the state files and models which can be matched a list of components in the target process.  Once the mapping is complete, the files are translated to the new technology and simulation can be run on the design in the new technology.



  • Fully automated test bench migration
    High ease of use through intuitive user interfaces
    Fully integrated with Cadence ADE™ and Composer™ design tools
    Process and design kit independent
    Integrated with schematic migration software for circuits views
    Automatic file, directory and hierarchy management
    Simulations run directly from output files

testbench migartion
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