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40nm to 28nm Wifi IP Core

Full migration of schematics and layout of a complex WiFi core including complex analog circuitry and on chip radios.  This migration was part of a multiple projects to translate communications devices which also included a full Bluetooth core.   The cores were translated between two major foundries and allowed the customer to expand their IP portfolio and take advantage of new licensing opportunities.

Source design databases were based on the Cadence Virtuoso™ platform and included Parameterized cells, multi-part paths and fluid guard rings along with netlist driven layout data.


The migrated databases are released to the foundry and entering production.

WIFI IP Core migration

65nm to 40nm HDMI IP Core

serdes migration

Full migration of the schematic, layout and associated data for an advanced HDMI core from a flagship European electronics company which was used in the suppor of several multimedia SoC projects.  IN2FAB's design migration services allowed the IP vendor to rapidly accelerate their produce development in a competitive market and retain their own design engineers for other projects. 

The fully migrated design was delivered just seven weeks after the project started and became a key element in the customer's multimedia platform.

65nm to 40nm MIPI IP Core

Migration of schematics and layout for a MIPI DPHY core to support a series of SoC products.  The circuits were migrated from an internal foundry based on custom built design kits to a large commercial manufacturer. All elements in the design kit were mapped to the customer foundry's technology and the full design migrated and delivered in six weeks.

MIPI core migration

Mobile 3G Platform


Migration of twelve analog and mixed signal 3G platform modules from 65nm to 45nm to form the core of a custom celluar chip set.  Migration of existing data meant that the modules were available early in the design cycle for the main SoC and secure many design wins with strategic customers.  IN2FAB's design migration groups shortened the design cycle for these modules by twelve months compared to a full redesign and freed the customer's engineers to work on new technology.

These modules are integrated in to many larger chip sets and are at the core of millions of cellular devices around the world.

0.18um DC-DC Converter

Migration of the full chip and associated database files from an external foundry to a new 0.18um internal process.  Data for layout and schematics were converted and the project also helped develop the process design kit for the new technology for use in subsequent design projects.

The migrated circuit is in full production and used in a wide variety of battery driven and power management applications.


x486 chip migration

x486 chip migration

Full x486 chip including CPU, cache, north and south bridge, I/O and ESD structures. The entire chip was migrated from a foundry that was closing to a customer foundry to continue production for a large customer base.  The complete chip was translated to the new foundry and design rules along with legacy design files and other data.

The entire layout was converted in six weeks and ran the operating system on recipt from the new foundry and is in full production.

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